Appraisal Services - We are staffed with a certified appraiser. Verbal appraisals at $25 per item with adequate information.
Also by appointment

Available for Speaking Engagements and Appraisal Events for libraries, Ladies' Luncheons, Family Reunions, Churches..

Upcoming Events

Free Antique
Appraisal Fairs:
Limit 3 Items per person and no arms or armament!


Pay for Appraisal Services
$10 Each



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LeClaire Antiques and Appraisals is located in the historic river town of LeClaire, Iowa where Interstate 80 and the Mississippi River intersect.

The owner, Terri Applegate, has been an antique dealer for over 25 years. She has been a Certified Appraiser for over 10 years and is a Member of the Certified Appraiser Guild of America.

 Thanks for joining us in LeClaire, Iowa
 Home of the "American Pickers"

See Le Claire's owN. Mike Wolfe, host "American Pickers"
on "History".

Items listed for sale on this website are also for sale in our physical shop so be sure to check for availability. Our online shoppers are as important as anyone in our location so online activity is verified daily.

Stop by often to see our unique and unusual items that we encounter in our appraisals and our store.

By appointment only

Visit us anytime in LeClaire, Iowa!
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